Marshall Reeves, Solo RAAM Racer

RAAM 2011


Hello Fellow RAAM & Marshall Fans!

This is Kristin, Infinity Bike Shop sales girl, writer of ThePlayfulLife blog (AKA Outside KMA), lover of epic adventure stories, competitor on land & water, and a home-base contributor to this blog.  In a few days Nanette, the Official Crew Photographer and a Driver of Team Marshall Reeves, will provide written updates and photos that will intimately depict Marshall and his crew’s Really Long race.


Important info for the newly initiated Marshall Fan:

Marshall Reeves is NOT a RAAM virgin.

In RAAM lingo, that ought to read: Marshall Reeves is NOT a rookie.

Marshall’s been down this road before. Monument Valley, Moab, UT. Photo courtesy of Daniel Ciuro.

Let me give you a super abbreviated synopsis of Marshall’s 2011 RAAM attempt before I jump into a comparison of his first attempt race with next week’s race.

Marshall trained and qualified for RAAM. He raced the Leadville 100 in the summer of 2010 and strained his right quadriceps muscle (foreshadowing). He took a minimalist approach toward forming his RAAM crew plan and, in retrospect, underestimated several aspects of the race that did not involve pedaling.

Marshall rode 2,426.2 miles before having to end his race in Blanchester, Ohio due to the complete failure of his right leg. He was 563 miles short of finishing.

A strained quadriceps turned into a No Longer In Service Quad. Photo courtesy of Daniel Ciuro.

Unfinished business

Marshall admits that luck plays a role in whether a race goes as planned (ie. weather, automobile accidents); but he is just as quick to admit that decisive changes after careful examination are key to success.  It appears that Marshall and his team have made a number of “game changing” additions to this year’s Race Across America.  Let’s look at these changes for RAAM 2014 – IN THE NEXT POST!