Marshall Reeves, Solo RAAM Racer

RAAM 2014 Upgrades


The successful man will profit from his mistakes and try again a different way.     – Dale Carnegie

7 Changes that are sure to make a difference in RAAM 2014

  1. Crew experience.  Steve Lufkin is once again serving as the crew chief.  He is equally invested in Marshall’s effort for a fast and successful RAAM completion.

    RAAM 2011. Crew Chief Lufkin & Rider Reeves. Photo: Daniel Ciuro.

  2. More crewRAAM 2011 relied on a modest crew of 4.  Marshall underestimated the toll the race would have on his crew members.  This year the crew will consist of 7 members, three of which are returning (Steve Lufkin, Leslie Lufkin, and Michael King).
  3. The addition of an RV camper.  The 2011 RAAM plan relied on hotels.  This proved problematic as it was difficult to find hotels that fit Marshall’s varying mileage schedule. As a result of this arrangement, time and energy was wasted trying to mesh hotel availability with Marshall’s need for rest.

    RAAM 2011. Marshall’s bed. Photo: Daniel Cuiro

  4. Mountain training time.  Marshall believes he was sufficiently fit at the RAAM 2011 starting line, but underestimated the need for consecutive days of “hill” work.  This year Marshall devoted three weeks of hill work in the mountains of Bryson City, North Carolina.

    Marshall’s training grounds:  The hills of North Carolina.

  5. Better nutrition. Marshall can’t eat solid food when he rides.  This time around, Marshall will primarily rely on Ensure as his source of nutrition. Based on his 600-800 calories an hour need, he will be consuming A LOT of Ensure.  Marshall plans to ride 20 hours a day for the majority of the race. How many of bottles of Ensure will Marshall toss back on a daily basis?
  6. Legs are good to go. Prior to RAAM 2011, Marshall suffered a quadricep strain that flared up during the race. Marshall intends to receive regular massages to combat fatigue and prevent severe leg swelling which he experienced during RAAM 2011.
  7. Better equipment. Marshall rode a Trek Madone 6.9 (2010) and a Trek TTX (2009) during his 2011 RAAM campaign.  This year Marshall will primarily ride a Trek Domane 6.9 with Di2 (2012) and a Trek Madone 4.5 Di2 (2014).  When the need arises, Marshall will ride his Trek Cronus Pro (2012), a cyclocross bike equipped with aerobars.  All 3 bikes are equipped with CeramicSpeed bearings which provide superior, nearly friction-less movement in the bottom bracket, pulleys, and hubs.

    Marshall’s Trek Domane 6.9 Di2 (2012) receiving attention from crew mechanic, Michael King.

Author: Kristin, also an owner of a (lesser, older) Trek Madone