It’s Almost Go Time!

This time tomorrow Marshall will be riding eastward! (old news)

TODAY Marshall will be riding EASTWARD.

More accurately, Marshall will be racing eastward. You see, this is the RACE Across America (RAAM), not merely Pedal Across America (PAAM).  And I know Marshall intends to race.  Since it is a race, he has competition.  RAAM organizers divide the solo racers into 4 categories with separate male and female divisions:

  • Under 50 years of age:  29 male & female racers
  • 50 – 59 years of age: Marshall’s category, he’s 58 years; see below
  • 60 – 69 years: 4 male competitors
  • 70 – 74 years (holy cow!) – one bad arse man = Russian Sergey Zimin (someone, get his autograph for me!)

Here’s a list of Marshall’s competition:

According to the competitor’s biographies, nearly 80% have competed in RAAM before – whether as a solo or team competitor.  Jacques Bourreau, Ed Garrison, and Bob McEnaney are RAAM rookies.

There are several ways to follow Marshall, his competition, or perhaps septuagenarian Russian rock star Sergey while they race through California, Arizona, Utah, Colorado, Kansas, Missouri, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, West Virginia, Pennsylvania, and Maryland.

  1. Tractalis – this is the official RAAM web tracking ware. Click on the hot link to download the mobile app. This app is for folks that need a visual.
  2. RAAM Leaderboard – find the racer’s latest checkpoint location, miles completed, total time racing, and average speed. Prefer hard data?  This is your place.
  3. website – lots of media coverage, highlights, photos, videos, and recaps. This web site reminds me of People magazine:  less data, more photos and happy stories.
  4. Infinity Bike Shop’s Marshall Reeves RAAM Facebook page – our live correspondent, Nanette, is going to try to provide as much information and photos as possible. Check often, my fellow Facebook users!
  5. We’re modern & use twitter: #marshallreevesraam

 The Weather

HOT. DRY. SUNNY.  Brawley, California, is listed as checkpoint #2.  Here’s the forecast:

The Weather Channel - Weather Underground - AccuWeather

The Weather Channel – Weather Underground – AccuWeather

The course slices through the Arizona desert in the summer.  Notoriously hot. The forecast for checkpoints #3 – 6 (all within Arizona) show temperatures hovering in the 100’s.  Relief ought to be found in the evening with temperatures in the lower 70’s.

I look forward to learning how Marshall plans to cope with the heat.  Will there be ice chests? Special heat reflective wear? I doubt there will be cold beer and sprinklers on the course.



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