Infinity Bike Shop’s Marshall Reeves, solo RAAM racer

Marshall Reeves has been married to his wife, Madge, for over 30 years. They have two adult children, Jesse and Molly.  His kids will be driving a support car to California where the race begins, and Jesse will stay on to crew.

Marshall grew up in South Carolina. He majored in Physics at University of South Carolina, and played soccer there. He went into the Navy after graduating through ROTC and earned his wings. Marshall flew for 6.5 years, got out of the Navy and went to work with Delta Air Lines in 1985.  He is currently a captain on the Boeing 767-400. Also, he is a co-owner of Infinity Bike Shop in Melbourne, Florida.

Having asthma growing up, Marshall heard that the effects could be minimized by running. He began running, then played soccer, and then started cycling. He found he was a natural at endurance events. Marshall has run 4 marathons, 12 Ironman triathlons (including Kona), in addition to over 100 shorter ones. He has ridden 4 World 24-Hour Mountain bike races, winning the world age group title twice. He is a three-time finisher of the Leadville Trail 100 mountain bike race, and the winner, with Rob Kish, in the two-person division of the Le Tour Ultime (European version of RAAM) 2006.

Marshall tried RAAM three years ago, but failed to finish. So, like Dex Tooke (an over 60-year-old RAAM racer who took two tries), he has “Unfinished Business!”

So on to the 2014 Race Across America!



  1. Made it to SAN. The crew is making their way here. Ready to start this thing! Thanks for all the support!

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