Meet the 2014 Crew

Seven men and women will be Marshall’s support crew while out on the road during his 12 day race.  They vary greatly in age, experience, background, and where they call home.  They will be driving/navigating/working from two cars and one RV.

Let me introduce them!

Marshall Reeves ~ RAAM solo rider





Steve Lufkin ~ Crew Chief   “Crew  Chief for the 2011 DNF. Back to finish what we started.” 




Leslie Lufkin ~ Support car driver and navigator. “I was initiated to endurance cycling as a first time support team member for Marshall on the RAAM in 2011.  To say riding is a phenomenal feat is an understatement.  I was awed by the strength, drive and grace Marshall demonstrated throughout that ride. I am honored to be part of this team to support him getting to Annapolis!”




Nanette Gordon, Nanette Faye Photography ~ Support car driver, photographer, and social media coordinator.  “This is the perfect opportunity to combine my love of photography and adventure. I am very excited to be part of this team supporting Marshall,  and will attempt to convey the emotions, struggles, and triumphs of RAAM to his supporters through his Facebook page and blog.”





Michael King ~ Mechanic  “I’ve been working in the shop (Infinity Bike Shop) for about 10 years now. I got involved with the team basically by Marshall saying, ‘Hey, you’re going on vacation… You’re going to be my mechanic for RAAM.’ Cycling has always been my passion, and being able to work on bikes has been a dream for a long time. To put it bluntly, cycling is my life!” 





Nick Stuer ~ Navigator, Driver, and athletic training assistant. “I’m Originally from Maine, live in Asheville and can’t wait to head out on this trip!”





Nancy McMillan James ~ Massage Therapist, esthetician, escaped engineer, 4-time Master World Champion in Track cycling.  “I am currently a product developer for EnvyOrganics, new line of chemical-free personal care and home spa products to be used by Team Marshall during RAAM.” 





Jesse Reeves ~ Marshall’s son, support crew driver, videographer. 



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